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Amazon—A brand that symbolizes years of trust and authenticity. This is the largest selling platform with over 1.9 million active Amazon sellers. So, if you are planning to sell on Amazon, it’s a stunning idea to expand your business to vast avenues. If you don’t know, “How to sell on Amazon?” Then you’re not alone. Getting the hang of this sales network can take some time and effort. However, we have brought you the perfect beginners guide if you want to start selling on Amazon in 2022. Let’s begin!

Why should you Sell on Amazon?

So, this question might bother any small business owner, that, “Is selling on Amazon worth it? 

Well, indeed can be the most brilliant idea you have had in a while for the following reasons. 

1-Biggest Sales Network

Amazon is the largest sales network with more than 185 Amazon warehouses that operate worldwide. People prefer to buy from Amazon than other e-commerce sites due to reliable services and exceptional quality.

Amazon ensures to give you a more expanded exposure as a local or international seller. So, there are more chances to sell on such a colossal platform.

2-A Trusted Name

Amazon was founded in 1994. So, it has 27 years of trust and bonding under its belt. Amazon—is a name we have all heard, and we all are aware of its wide audience.  

What can be better than launching yourself as a merchant on such a platform? This will help you build brand recognition and a presence in a much shorter time.

3-Many Success Stories

There are many people with sensational success stories with significant payoffs from this platform.

Many people make millions of dollars in profits from Amazon.

So, maybe this is your turn to shine as an Amazon seller!

4-Minimal Investment

The best news you’ll probably get today is that Amazon is very generous to its merchants. There aren’t any listing fees unless you’re an individual rather than a merchant account. The investment in Amazon is minimal! You need to pay $39.99 a month, a small percentage of your sale. There are no long bills or complications. So, maybe it’s not too late to start?

5-Internationally Recognized

Another underrated perk of becoming an Amazon seller is the vast audience available to you from overseas. 

Not only can you attract people locally, but you have international exposure as well. The latest fiscal numbers from Amazon show that the company made $125.6 billion in sales revenue in the fourth quarter of 2020. The profits margins are significant, and the services are reliable and operate internationally as well.

How to Sell on Amazon Successfully in 2021?

Now, we need to dive into How to Sell on Amazon.

Whether you’re a beginner with no knowledge of Amazon or a retailer who’s having trouble increasing his revenue, we are here to help you understand the working of Amazon in a sweet and simple guide to help you out.

1-Choose your Product Niche

The first step towards becoming an Amazon seller is to look for a product you can bring to the market that can benefit your customers and you. 

Do your product research, choose a product and see the demand in the market.

Also, make sure to compare the competition you have on the network. Keeping all this in mind, choose a product that works well for you. Also, check to see if your product is eligible for the store. If not, you might need to apply for approval. 

2-Apply for a Professional Seller Account

Now, the most crucial step of, How to sell on Amazon and make money?——A professional account!

Rather than having an individual seller account that keeps eating away at your margins, you need to register for a professional account for a minimum of $39.99 a month and some minor category-related fees.

This plan will help you enhance your profit margins and focus on your business returns rather than Amazon itself.

3-Create Listings for Products

Now, you need to create listings for your products. If you are an individual label seller, you need to make your very own listing from scratch. However, if you are selling something already on the market, you can become an additional seller. Choosing the option, ‘Another brand makes this product.’  will enable you to look for the AliExpress product to become an additional seller. 

After finding the product, press select, now select Publish! Repeat this process for each product.

4-Send Traffic to your Store

A critical step will be to send traffic to your store by employing additional social media resources like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and blogs. 

Direct your social media audience to your store to increase your chances of sale and recognition.

5-Maintain your Inventory

You need to pay attention to your inventory as an Amazon seller. 

Inventory levels are incredibly crucial. You need to stay on the lookout to replenish your inventory, so it does not go down when orders are placed.  It is essential to have sustainable inventory levels to sell and gain profits. 

Take care to update your inventory from time to time after you fulfill orders. This affects the availability of the item on your product listing page.

5-Get Reviews Early On

Good reviews get you good business. So, the customer needs to be happy with the quality of the product and the services you provide.

As you know, potential customers refer to the feedback left by your previous buyers. That’s why a bad review can be damaging for the business. 

Go the extra mile for your customers. If a customer is upset, offer a refund or replacement before they leave a negative review.  The credibility you build today will last you a while in the digital market. 

6-Invest in Amazon Ads

This is an optional yet profitable investment. Amazon ads are a way to increase your digital presence on Amazon.

The perk of investing in Amazon ads is getting access to Amazon search data. This can be an essential step to help you enhance your sales.

The cost per click is low on Amazon, and the ad blends well on the network, making people likely to click on it to view your product 

7-Optimize your Product pages

Selling on Amazon needs you to be aware of certain tricks. Optimization is one of them.

You can use specific tools to look for keywords with high search volumes and incorporate them into your pages.

This can give you a chance to increase your organic following on Amazon.

8-Become an FBA Seller

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. 

If you want to know how to sell on Amazon directly, FBA is your answer.

It’s a fuss-free solution for an Amazon beginner.

All you need to do is sign up for Amazon’s fulfillment network. This network gives you certain amazing services, unlike any other membership. This will help you receive more orders through Amazon’s marketplace and more responsibilities on Amazon’s plate.

We have listed a few of the extraordinary services you can get as an FBA seller.

  • Amazon prefers FBA sellers
  • FBA allows merchants access to Amazon Prime shoppers, “So this is one way to sell to Amazon prime members directly.”
  • You can evaluate your sales using Amazon FBA Revenue Calculator. 
  • Amazon will help handle logistics & customs clearance
  • Amazon takes on the responsibility of product storage and order fulfillment.

So, this is a brief yet straightforward guide to give you an overview of “How to sell on Amazon?”

However, Welogical can help you achieve your Amazon success story with the help of our panel of experts specializing in Everything-Amazon.

You can reach out to our team for an expert opinion any day.

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