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A sales funnel is the bread and butter for any successful business. Building a solid and effective sales funnel is one of the biggest goals of any nouveau business or brand. 

But what is a sales funnel? 

A sales funnel is the process that each customer goes through until the eventual purchase of a product or service. The sales funnel drives action within the consumer after a rigorous marketing flow, making potential customers more aware of your brand. 

It is paramount to understand your company’s sales funnel so that you can optimize it and design it to be better. Any good sales funnel started by filling in its loopholes through thorough research and analysis. Weblogical is here with a complete guide on how to build a sales funnel. 

How to Build a Sales Funnel

Weblogical has created a series targeted towards funnel building, helping you create the perfect sales funnel template for your company’s needs. 

For the first part of our guide, we have 6 steps on how to build a sales funnel. 

1-Understanding Consumer Behaviour 

The first step to creating a successful sales funnel template is understanding consumer behavior through research and analysis. Identify trends within your target audience using advanced tools, so you know what your customers want. 


You should also have a functional feedback mechanism to ensure that your customer’s preferences are placed at the epicenter of your products and services. 


Once you have a sense of what your customers are looking for, you can improve your products and services, tailoring them to the needs of your target audience. Not only will your sales experience an upward trajectory, but your brand will develop a reputation of mindfulness and awareness of market requirements. 

2-Marketing Done Right 

The next step is to market your brand effectively to build an organic reach. The best way to do this is to create content for all your social media pages and websites to expand your customer base as much as possible. 

The type of content that you should be producing includes: 

  • Infographics about your brand 
  • Blogs about your products and services 
  • Product reviews 
  • Short and sweet videos 


These are only some of the items in your content arsenal. With a solid creative team of talented designers, the sky’s the limit! 

3-Email Campaigning 

Call us old-fashioned, but here at Weblogical, we firmly believe in the power of email campaigning. Putting up big billboards and paying for multiple ads can help build your sales funnel, but email marketing will never go out of style. The reason is that this type of marketing is still the most effective in the world of advertising. 

It is an excellent way to keep your customers informed about your products and services without overwhelming them with content. Keeping in touch with your customers via email serves as a reminder of your brand and what it stands for. 

Be sure to include exciting offers at the end of your emails to encourage a sale. 

4-Client Testimonials 

The best way to market your products as part of a strong sales funnel is to let the customers do it for you! Feature customer testimonials on your website pages and social media so that your target audience has reliable and honest reviews from other customers, a trusted third party. 

You could feature your testimonials on: 

  • Instagram 
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter 
  • Snapchat 

Customer testimonials also help connect with your audience by showing them that their voices and opinions about your business matter. 


5-Post-Purchase Strategy 

Weblogical isn’t just here to tell you how to build a sales funnel but how to maintain one as well. You can do this by supporting the customer base you already have. 

You can do this using a myriad of strategies, including:

  • Offering discounts to return customers 
  • Providing special status to loyal customers 
  • Welcoming new customers warmly 
  • Keeping in touch with your customer base through regular emails and texts 

These strategies are just a few suggestions for maintaining your customer base and encouraging clients to keep coming back. 

6-Build a Landing Page 

Once you have reached the final stage in the sales funnel and persuaded your customer to make a purchase, your customer needs a place to go. 

It is vital for your business to have a landing page where the customers can perform the desired action, i.e., making a purchase. Always have links to your store in every campaign you publish, whether through email, social media, or otherwise. 

Make sure this page is accessible and easy to use for your customers. 

Stay tuned for more in our series about how to build a sales funnel! For information about Weblogical and our services, visit our page or feel free to get connected with us.

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