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If you’ve just started your business, you’re probably wondering what the first step should be to raise the bar for your website. There are several ways to do this but one sure-fire way to get your website the traction it needs is good SEO copy. A range of highly competitive and effective elements of SEO techniques could be the secret ingredient for your brand’s recipe for success. 

If you’re a newbie, it would be helpful to know a little bit about SEO. SEO (search engine optimization) is a technique that is used to increase your website’s visibility on the World Wide Web. By organically improving your rankings on search engines, SEO works to optimize certain pages on a website so that they gain traffic. 

Weblogical is here to help you strengthen your SEO strategy by focusing on 10 basic elements of SEO.

Elements of SEO

1-Keywords are Key 

Keywords are a crucial element of SEO strategy. These are certain words that users usually type out in the search engine. Keywords primarily define the product or the service that a user is looking for. In order to enrich your website with keywords, you should ensure that they are added in the titles and first paragraph of your content. Moreover, they should also be present in the URL and the meta description of your website to improve rankings. 

2-Content is Gold 

While keywords are essential to a successful SEO strategy, you must not ignore your content. Keywords and content must be interlinked so that your website has a consistent flow. Moreover, the content has to be relevant to the keywords because they are the real star of the show. You should also have a word limit for your website. The recommended length is 300-1000 words. 

3-Optimized URLS

This one is as simple as it sounds. You need to make sure your URLS are able to target your audience and your product at the same time. A good way to do this would be using a single domain for URLS. Moreover, you could designate a certain length for your URLS, just like you would for content. The recommended length is less than 100 characters. 

4-More Multimedia 

For a more interactive experience, it would be beneficial to incorporate multimedia as an element of SEO strategy. Multimedia includes photos, videos, and artwork. These elements keep users interested in your website. Moreover, it is an excellent way to create and deliver content in a way users will be able to understand your message. 

5-Social Media Mayhem 

In order to increase the reach of your brand, it is important to link your social media pages on your website. This motivates readers to like and follow your social media pages if they like the content on your website. From an SEO perspective, social media shares also effectively boost the traffic on your website. Moreover, it adds a modern and trendy touch to website design and users love that! 


6-Full Speed Ahead 

You may not know it but the speed of your website is an important element of SEO. Slow speed can really discourage your users from visiting your website. Therefore, it would be smart to ensure that your website speed is fast and efficient. According to research, slow speed can result in a 7% loss in conversions

7-Link Up

Add links to other websites within your own website. You might wonder how this is helpful because it takes people off your page. However, it makes your website more valuable because it makes your content more trackable. So link up! 

8-Don’t Write for SEO 

While a solid SEO strategy accounts for several elements of SEO, it cannot be the focus of your website. You have to write for the readers, not the SEO. When you have engaging content that is relevant to your readers and their experiences, your website will gain traction organically and automatically. Don’t underestimate the human element within the SEO strategy! 

9-Software Solutions for the Win!

Installing software for web analytics is a useful component of the SEO strategy. Web analytics help you track your success on a website, showing you what your readers are interested in the most. This is valuable information about your website that you should have. 

10-Meta descriptions for Mega Results 

More often than not, people tend to ignore meta descriptions. This is harmful because meta descriptions are the first thing users see in the search results for keywords. Invest time and effort into your meta descriptions for better results! 

If you need assistance for a foolproof SEO strategy, feel free to reach out to us any time! 

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